1. Definitely! Without any reservations I know I have a power greater than myself doing its stuff! I’m so grateful! This universe is amazing! Yesterday’s share at a recovery meeting allowed me to reflect on so much! Absolutely buzzing when I left the meeting and was f**king glowing inside during the drive back! If you’ve survived an internal rock-bottom, you are incredible and I love you! ❤️

2. Everyone has had moments of disappointment or years of despair! It is so true that we can go through some of the most challenging times and still be standing! I’m thankful that today I’m turning it all over, every last bit! I want guidance, direction and intuition to take the lead and keep giving me that peace of mind I always craved! My being is calm, let’s have a fantastic day people! 🙌🏼

3. Cleaning out the hamster cage and spending some time with Rustle yesterday was so nice! It’s rewarding having something to care about! I always did have something yet looking after myself at first was hard! Today, I’m grateful to be able to think of others at numerous levels! I can adapt and grade the way in which I communicate, act and behave around people, places and things. Yes! 🙈

4. I found a great drum and bass album on Spotify last week, oh boy! It’s taking me way back when the using and drinking hadn’t reached that habitual stage! I’m sharing this because there is no euphoric recall, it’s just niceness! After all, I’m thankful to have grown up in west London whereby music was life! Bank holiday weekend and pirate radio! Oh, they were magical days! Time to get grimey…oohhhhhh! That bass though! 🎶

5. Ha! Even though it’s the south coast these days I’m still a Londoner ALWAYS! I’m so thankful that I have all this difference before and behind me! I wouldn’t change any of it now! I’m accepting of past tribulations and future unknowns! Gosh, when I moved away from the ends I felt like such a failure! Little did I know that it was to be the best thing that ever happened. Man found recovery innit! 😂

6. Yesterday I planned out my week ahead in a very general way, at least with recovery and exercise in place. I know what meetings I’m going to and what I’m going to try in order to love myself more! I’m very grateful to have the mental capacity to schedule and arrange things in such a way that they now benefit me. I’m my greatest and most closest friend! ☀️

7. Hey, it’s pretty fun forward planning! Sometimes my imagination can take me way beyond I need to be at that specific time yet that’s ok! When it filters into projection, that’s when I can get in trouble! Ha ha! I’m grateful for this moment! I’m alive! I’m free! Nothing is wrong! When I slow down and look at the positives, you can’t f**king win malady! 👋🏻

8. I think and feel that I’ll have one of those lovely baths later, with all that salt and smelly stuff to treat myself! May even get a little risky and involve a few candles too you get me! Ha! I have 2 days of College after today so need to get in the zone innit. The workload is going to increase so preparation is key. That inner-work breeds a more stable and competent learner. Trust me 👍🏼

9. I’m absolutely sure and certain that my skill and qualifications in worrying are running out, I’m slowly forgetting how elite I used to be at it! It’s starting to no longer become my go to! I’m really proud, I’m letting go and mastering the ability to as well! That’s real progress! I like being honest and kind to myself today, can you tell? I’m very grateful for strong boundaries and simple yet effective responses that really need nothing to worry about! 🚲

10. ‘It’s not a question of whether you grow or don’t l. That’s inevitable. As you live your life, you’re going to have experiences and grow from them. That’s your natural state. It’s a question of whether ya going to be hard or not. It’s a question of whether it’s going to be painful or enjoyable. The answer depends on how willing you are, how open you are and how much ease you experience.’ Out to the person who suggested this book to me, grateful to you 💕


1. Let’s get grateful! Been such a nice, busy and constructive week! My thinking has done its best to pick things off yet my gratitude has gone one better! I’m very thankful for all the learning, love and laughter I’ve put myself through to combat that negativity that takes place, upstairs, between those ears of mine! 👂

2. How has everyone else been? I’d love to know! What’s made you feel grateful, happy thoughts?! Had anything swayed you towards just being thankful?! I’ve got a few things! For sure, I’m very grateful that life is how it is in the now! A week makes such a difference let me tell you! I was a little anxious within at the beginning of the week. I just feel proper chilled now! 😊

3. Looking forward to work tomorrow! Oh, the years I wanted to look forward to Monday and not dread it were soo long! I do not earn a lot financially yet I do spiritually! I’m very thankful to be in work, alongside all the physical challenges and not be in the headspace whereby I want to cheat, dodge or even mislead myself in thinking that I’m no good at what I do. I’m valuable, I like that! 🙈

4. This morning I made lunch, dinner and lunch again for today and tomorrow! I enjoyed cutting vegetables and putting the dishes all together. It really is all about the preparation! I’m very thankful for processes so I can do things in such a way that they make sense and don’t become overbearing for me to manage! I can find the kitchen a tricky place yet I try and that’s enough! 👍🏼

5. Couldn’t complete my park run yesterday, it was too difficult! My legs were alright, it was my calf! It really hurt and aches a lot man! I’ve rested up today and will be driving a little later so that’s going to be ok. I’m very thankful that I pulled out when I did and refrained from being a martyr or noble just so I could finish! Like Dave says, that’s how injuries happen! 🏃🏽‍♀️

6. Next weekend is looking good. Family will be down and I absolutely can’t wait. Mum will be staying again and that always makes me grateful because the company is loved (obviously), and I get to see the Spearpoint’s and hear how they are all doing and what’s what in their world. Thanks for giving me the present moment back recovery! Love it! ❤️

7. Got a nice chunk of College work done at work last night which was so helpful. I have a few reservations with what I’ve done yet it’s all in the trying isn’t it!? I’m glad I’ve taken the time to think and do something useful with my time that is so precious and not guaranteed. It could all end today yet at least, if it did, I’d know that I’d done my best in what I’ve set out to do! 🙌🏼

8. As always, I have to be thankful for being sober! It’s such a treat! Even though my thinking is squeaky and not the best of places for me to be at times I’ve not drank for a very long time now! I’m excited and grateful to be going to a recovery meeting tonight, catching up with others who want to be happy and adapt their outlook on life 🥰

** Right, my hand is getting sore now so I’m out of here! Adios, have a lovely week whatever you do and have lots of fun! I will! **

#GratefulTravellerJosh x

1. What is on my mind now? In the here? Nothing! Ha! Feeling lovely for the day ahead! Happy to be writing gratitude and putting love into the day! Trust me when I say I’m feel merry and thankful inside, even down to the bones! It’s been a busy, stressful and interesting week yet we are running a good ship out here! Lovely! ❤️

2. The intensity of the College work we have been given on tap nearly caught me yesterday! I noticed my thinking becoming a little too overwhelmed with projection. Letting go of that was a smart move! I’m pleased and grateful that there is more then enough support and help available to me if I need. Chemistry and exam just send shivers, it nearly makes me want to cry! 😢

3. I’ve got this! I can most certainly clean up and put in the effort revision-wise, asking for guidance around my studies if need be. Can I just be honest though, I feel awfully slow at the sciences! It’s like I’m not grasping key points when under pressure. I tend to concede to my innermost self that I can’t do it! I’m thankful then, for a can do attitude I’ll try adopt around Chemistry from here on in 🧪

4. Went for such a nice meal with some of the Spearpoint’s last night. I ate a burrito with so much yum inside, aww, I could eat that like all the time! It’s was nice to spend time with family and be in their company. I’ve been naughty over the years with family yet today it’s very different. I’m involved, trusted and part of. Such a distant memory all that drama. I’m very grateful for forgiveness and compassion today 🙏🏼

5. Coming home from College yesterday, I wanted to sleep for like, forever! I never though. I reached out to a few people, cleaned my flat and had a shower. It felt very constructive and, as a result, I’ve woken up feeling very calm within. The place I live is so lovely and I’m ever so thankful for my home. I love it very much and feel so appreciative of the roof I have over my head to stay and feel safe 🧩

6. So, this evening I’ll get to go to my new home group, it’s a lovely recovery meeting and I now have a few days of meetings to enjoy! I love recovery, the language and the awareness regulating muscle can bring! I’m excited to be in a place where it’s only good stuff ahead! Yes, life happens and expectations aren’t met yet I really don’t mind! I’m sober and free. I have choices and can do what I want. That’s sounding exactly as it should too, I’m spoilt with choice and that makes me grateful! 🥰

7. I’m very thankful at the moment. I have a few strong people around me regarding recovery and also involve myself in a wealth of experiences that I want to learn, grow and develop on! The most fundamental relationship I still continue to work on is me. I’ve stopped looking outside of myself for a long-time now and it makes a difference. I notice the sneaky self-seeking moments and just throw lots of kindness my way, just being kinder to myself keeps me where I ought to be! 🙌🏼

8. Today will be a good day at work. I’m really excited to be working today. I love my job and the opportunity I have every time I go there! It’s great! Everyone is so nice and it’s such a treat. Now, nothing I’ve just said is incorrect here or overly enthusiastic! I’m really grateful for what I do! If my direction and processes is leading me this way, I’m f**king jumping on board! 🙈

9. Cycling took place of swimming yesterday yet that’s ok! I really couldn’t cram it in! Ha! No, I’m keeping it simple these days so getting my heart rate going was all I desired! I’m feeling grateful and rather comfortable within! There are a few aches and pains here yet with this acceptance I’m cultivating at the moment (a lot), when it comes to my disabilities, I really like myself at the moment! I’m on a physical training journey! Already smashing the mental one, right? 📚

10. Oh, do I have to go already?! 🙉 I’m just about ready to explode with goodness! Anyway, feeling thankful, thinking thankful and doing grateful heart-felt things! After this, I’ll have breakfast, shower and just enjoy the day. Why not. It could all end today or something could happen. It could be for the good too! I sat in misery and despair for years! Today, I choose to be happy and no one can take that away from me, only I can do that! 🙈


1. Feeling tired for a Tuesday. Did not feel sharp at all yesterday, felt a little down even! Just a crash after a high after the half marathon though! Still did what I needed too and some! I’m very grateful to have noticed and been aware of the fact that I was very hungry and tired yesterday! My brain certainly wasn’t where it could’ve been yet that was Monday! 😊

2. Going to have a good day! Putting it out there, so channelling that thinking! Feeling better already! Even though I felt slow yesterday I still managed to complete some College work and be in a position to prep for today, forward planning is vital! I’m very grateful for organised and able to share the most pivotal things with myself in order for days to run as smoothly as they can – phew! 😅

3. Really enjoyed work yesterday, it was great. I’m very happy work-wise at the moment. Helping people is something I love, followed closely by learning! I can be a bit unsure at times because certain things are ‘new,’ to me yet I’m grateful that I’m reminding myself every time doubt slips in that I’ve been there for a very short time, I’m not expected to know everything! ❤️

4. I have officially handed in and completed all aspects of my University application. The sooner I receive a response, the quicker I can make more decisions towards where I’m headed. I’m very thankful to have submitted something well before the deadline and be able to acknowledge the hard work, time and effort I’m putting in even when I think I’m not doing enough 👍🏼

5. Swimming and riding my bike was just lovely yesterday. The weather was fantastic too. I had a moment reflecting about moving to Spain one day. It’s still in the psyche and, this morning, I received further validation that this is in fact, what I would love to do one day. Living in the sun would really heighten my gratitude! I’m not sure about others yet I know for me vitamin D makes me thankful! ☀️

6. It’s funny because even when I think writing out gratitude is long-winded, it slows me down and is always what I need. My head is racing a little or, better still, lingering over a few things. Perspective is wonderful. Reducing the overthinking by writing is just so rewarding. I’m very thankful for the ability to lay a foundation down for the day that’s all about loving others and yourself! 🥰

7. Today is rest day from exercise. I’ll drive the car and just keep it simple. I’m a little achy today to say the least yet super proud! I’m really excited for the marathon in a few months. I’m a little anxious about the fundraising part yet I’m sure it will be ok. I’m very thankful to have an opportunity to help others who are experiencing what I did when I was young at GOSH! It’s an amazing achievement for me to

even just be on my feet let alone run! 🏃🏽‍♀️

8. Never be confined or condemned by any person, place or thing. That even includes yourself! You see, I have this fantastic skill in thinking negatively of myself and looking at things in a way that simply don’t reflect all the good! Adversity is a friend and challenging times are like the neatest lessons ever! I’m very thankful for all the hard and testing times I’ve experienced, they make me like myself more and more 💕

9. ‘Sometimes, you have to decide that your mental health and overall well-being is more important than whatever you’re stressing about. Sometimes, you have to make a conscious decision to choose yourself. Sometimes, you just have to let go and let it be whatever it is. Give yourself that freedom.’ Grateful for this new book! Love it fam! 🐢

10. College will be good. Just sent a message to our group. I like thinking of others, helps me think better of myself. It’s been a funny old journey to this point. Dodging the negativity and swerving the nonsense can be full on! I’m very grateful for all the lovely memories and difficult pastimes I’ve experienced, it’s really exciting to wonder what’s next! 🙈


1. Morning! It’s still getting lighter at this hour! Ooh, love it soo much! It was a gorgeous weekend with the weather! So blessed to be by the sea when it’s warm like that! I’m very grateful to live in Brighton. I remember rolling up here in November 2012 with nothing except a few belongings I managed to hold on to after prison. What a transformation! People, places and things change soo much! 🙏🏼

2. I’m still buzzing from yesterday and that amazing run! It really was a joy to do and complete! I’m a little achy and my thighs are chafing (!), yet the pain is so worth the agony! I’m very thankful for my mental health today. It’s certainly in a good place, my mood is lifted and I’m feeling strong! Lots of exciting things to be part of this week – let’s do this! 😊

3. While resting yesterday, chilling out I might add! I was looking up trips you see, Goa looks special! Has anyone been? If so, did you like it? I’d love to go just before the end of September! If I could time it right, it could clash with my recovery Birthday! Ahh, reflections in the sun! I’d love a bit of that part of the world on the back end of summer! Get back at me with your experience innit 🇮🇳

4. I really enjoyed having my neighbour down yesterday for a cuppa! It was great! Felt all homely and that! It’s also really lovely just being able to have people over, be a host and not feel ashamed to let people over because the house is a tip or there is no milk etc. Today, I’m very grateful for the unmanageable that’s no more. If it ever is, that is simply between the ears. My environment is peaceful innit 😉

5. I love recovery. I love my challenges. I love my disabilities. I love life! It’s great having real waves and periods of simply being ok fam! I’m very thankful for all the hard work, dedication and commitment I continue to choose to pursue instead of the drink and drugs. I’m done with the chaos and remind myself of that each and every day. No one else with vouch for me here, it’s an inside job! ☀️

6. ‘I try to hold fast to the truth that a full and thankful heart cannot entertain great conceits. When brimming with gratitude, one’s heartbeat must surely result in otgoing love, the finest emotion that we can ever know.’ How f**king lovely is that! I’m very grateful for all the recovery literature I possess, it will never let me down and always hit the spot better than ANY substance ever did! 🥰

7. Man, I’m loving the spiritual life! It’s not diluted with using and drinking! My mind is blown wide open to things because I’m f**king honest about how I feel and always willing to ask for help if and when it’s needed! So amazing to think that the things I fundamentally felt were problems have been removed! I have had anough deep-rooted shifts between the ears that make me grateful to know my worth! 💕

8. It was lovely to speaking to the Mumsie and big (little), bro last night. So proud of that boy right there! It’s lovely to hear about all his amazing achievements and where his desires and dreams are taking him, so inspiring! Another fantastic male role model for me and countless others no doubt! I’m grateful for strong people who, regardless of anything else, know where they’re headed because drama and nonsense is no more 🙌🏼

9. College tomorrow! Woop! I have missed everyone and that little bit of additional structure in the week! I’ve some work to do revision/study wise tonight yet I’m happy to do it and going into the revision with optimism and gratitude! Like my recovery, I’m remaining consistent and flexible with my study needs and not being too overbearing. Very grateful to be learning today 📚

10. So, today! I’ll have some lovely breakfast to fuel me body. Enjoy a shower that’s warm and lovely. Head to work to be of service to others. Swim in a pool afterwards, simply to loosen up my muscles from yesterday’s adventure. I’ll then head to the supermarket to buy food with money I’m able to earn to support myself. Then, after making dinner and lunch for tomorrow, I’ll relax and get my student head on. Now, with all that noted, what is there NOT to be grateful for here?! 🙈


1. My higher-self’s will or mine(?), that selfish, frightened and inconsistent part of me. I’ll always try and go for the former! It was a good day yesterday. I’m very thankful for the week I’ve actually had to be frank, it’s been filled with the world slowing down a little which is nice! I’ve done my best to listen to that intuition too! 💕

2. Talking of pace, went for a nice spot of dinner with some College friends yesterday and even though I had to leave early, it was so nice just to sit with others for a while! I’m very thankful for this group of people I’m getting to know better each day (and allowing to let them get to know me better too)! A set of friends who aren’t simply in recovery from addiction! 😊

3. I have a wealth of support today! I love the fact that everywhere I turn I can ask for guidance or suggestions on simply living life! I can also share experience too! I’m very grateful to be free from that madness of misdirection, drama and disaster! I have a plan for the day today, it’s all in good hands because I’m no longer trying to control the show! 🥳

4. I have a little resentment that actually makes me thankful! Firstly, it helps me reflect on my part and look at how I could approach things differently. Then, more importantly, it has allowed me to look at what I don’t want in a certain behaviour from another! I’m a little sad to feel like this yet those energy’s man, I’m a sensitive f**ker these days! Sober and awake innit! 🙌🏼

5. Went to a second open day event yesterday, loved it and took some great pointers away. I enjoyed the company too. Did you know, I’ve gone with a friend I met last year, she’s ever so nice. Determined too! It’s been a real treat meeting her and her partner on a number of occasions. Her grit and desire to be an OT is infectious. Thank you for making me feel more grateful about life 🙏🏼

6. It’s just so nice to wake up sober! I still wake up every morning with a mental head that I need to throw lots of love at, even when I don’t want to! The other day, in the sun, I had that thought of a nice, cold pint. Ha! That is crazy! No mental defence at times yet enough self-care going on in me to know that staying away from a drink or drug is more important to me than anything, even pizza! 🍕

7. I’m feeling a certain way about something that I’m not sure if I ought to be. In other words, I think I have feelings for someone and not sure what to do! However, reflecting on last week’s affirmation’s towards myself I actually want to focus on the here and now, because that is the relationship that matters. I’m grateful then, for feelings, the boundaries to stick to them and validation to know that it’s ok to have them! 🙈

8. ‘Every problem doesn’t have. solution; it has multiple solutions, ways, paths and avenues to better circumstances and resolutions.’ WTF! Why did I not know about this bad boy of a book before! Talks my f**king language through and through! Amazing! I’m certainly in love with the tone, depth and weight it conveys in within its pages. Thankful! ❤️

9. In lots of ways I’d love to know what would happen before it happens! I’m a little impatient with this whole College/University business yet it’s totally understandable. Sitting in prison all those years ago and telling that education lady I was at University still and realising that I wasn’t any longer hurt me so much. My mental health was terribly unwell. I’d failed it felt! Even then, my desire to return to study and use my brain was strong! I’m grateful for the opportunity ahead of me, come on Universe! 😂

10. So, all these little points of undeniable gratitude and thanks stem from one core fact, I don’t want to give up today! Hope drives through me and I’m astoundingly positive considering all the handicaps I have. I’m not a dweller and try my upmost to smile. Sharing happiness is a good aim and I’m certainly full of integrity today! Man, life is amazing if only I let it be each day! Let’s smash Friday 🥰


1. Morning! Feeling good people! It’s Thursday and I’ve had a lovely relaxing half-term! Changed my living room around last night and it looks and feels so cosy! I’m very grateful to have a living room, a flat, a front door etc etc 😂 Going to enjoy taking it easy for rest of the week, keeping it simple innit!

2. Started some College work this week and, to be honest, I’m not really motivated! I’m more focussed on this open day today regarding OT. It’s taking up a lot of my thinking 💭 power! I’m very grateful to have a focus, goal and aim to work towards. I feel after this morning I’ll be able to let go, minimise the fantasising and return to reality!

3. My shoulder is achy this morning! Feels kind of cold 🥶 too! Yuk! Oh well. I’ll have to stretch that out proper and take it easy today. Sometimes I sleep funny on my side and with all the pain I’m getting with my hand at present, it’s pretty understandable. I’m thankful that I do not take any mind altering substances for pain relief. Quiet-time and physical attention seems to be just as effective.

4. I really enjoyed cleaning the car yesterday, it was nice to potter about and clean and that. I can get a little intolerant of tasks at hand yet once I’m up and running 🏃🏽‍♀️ we seem to be alright. As mentioned, my hand is not good yet hey ho! We got to power through and count all the blessings we can! I have so many, with the top one being that I never drank or used yesterday! If you are an addict then you’ll understand the proudness fam!

5. Got paid today from the line of work I love and even though it’s not a lot this month, I get plenty of time to myself and that is such a healthy salary! I’m very thankful 🙏🏼 to be my own person today who works when they want too. I’ve made some grown up decisions moreso today, in recovery. I have time to focus on me, others, family and the like! I’m open and living in abundance. Wow! Love it!

6. I heard something great last night in a recovery meeting. The man said that he does not have a problem with drink 🍷 because he does not drink! Innit though! I f**king love that simplicity! My challenge lies between the ears, not in a bottle! I’m asking for my thinking to be directed each and every f**king moment of the day! I’m done with the drama my madness caused me and the people I love. Grateful! 💕

7. I had such a lovely moment yesterday which is worth being thankful for! When I parked up in town and got out of the car I just felt soo happy! Sun on my face, skin feeling good and vitamin D powering through! Woop! Thankful for the beautiful day! ☀️ Mind you, the fleeting thought of a cold pint passed through my head and I was like WTF! Cunning, baffling and powerful! Sober under every condition!

8. Was left a highly abusive, drunk and offensive voicemail yesterday. It threw me a little yet when the sensible part of my brain kicked my way I dealt with the situation. No alarm 🚨 bells, my old life and that chaos is done. This situation simply did not match (or reflect), how I operate today. I’m very thankful for the compassion and love I found myself in towards this behaviour, I no it very well because it’s me isn’t it?

9. I’m very grateful for a new book that I have recently purchased thanks to someone who signposted me towards it! I love it and the style of writing is something I can really identify with. ‘The purpose of this book is to bring you to a state of ease, relief and calm. A state that will help trigger your own sense of clarity on how you want to proceed in your life.’ I’m sorry yet I f**king love that 🥰

10. Got a final banger to share this morning. I put the work in with this recovery, trust me. I’m loving a quote I can across yesterday. Acceptance is really f**kinf hard at times yet this kinda places a spin on it and, for what it’s worth, I’m very thankful I’ve sen and felt it! Here goes, have a lovely day. ‘Accept it as if you had chosen it.’ Mwah 💋