Our Story

Gratitude Works is a business consultancy that drives sustainability and digitalization through people engagement and change management.

Founded with a vision of relevant and authentic transformation towards sustainability and digitalization, Gratitude Works supports climate risk management, intelligent automation, change management, and leadership development, for building long term value and future-proofing competitive organizations.

The consultancy comprises certified management consultants, facilitators, and coaches for business management and performance development with expertise in strategic thinking, leadership skill, and communication skill.

Practicing professionals with excellent ratings at a wide range of multinational listed and large corporations and local SMEs, across industries including software, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, professional services, and personal care products, our consultants thrive in empowering individuals for organizational success.

Our Values

Guiding Principles That Define Us


We foster a culture of innovation, constantly seeking creative solutions to drive growth and stay ahead of industry trends.


We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with clients to achieve mutual success and sustainable outcomes.


Integrity is our core value, guiding every decision we make and ensuring transparent, honest partnerships with our clients.

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